Chocolate color for the living room

Chocolate color in the interior can have a variety of its elements: furniture, floors, walls, ceilings, drapes, and accessories. It all depends on what is the concentration of chocolate you need in a particular interior. If the choice fell on the walls and floors, in which case you run the risk of a very dark room. Therefore, the most appropriate solution would be to dilute its bright spots: you can choose, for example, lactic furniture. In addition, dark walls can vary contrasting accessories, such as pictures or shelves. But the dark floor – it does undeniable classic. Besides floors of the colors look solid, and they are very practical – they will not get dirty so quickly.

2-Beautiful Wallpapers
Here we can see a very entertaining design an experiment that was to be to paint one wall in dark chocolate, and the other – in white with a brown pattern. The result was a glamorous interior room, which will want to spend all your free time.
3-interesting furniture
For some, like interior room may seem bleak. In order to somehow prevent this, it was decided to enter into it with wooden furniture and metal accent in the form of a lamp.
4-small sofa
Chocolate in this living room is present in many different kinds and colors, and the horizontal line, which is literally full of this interior, brings its own flavor to it.
5-brown sofa
The contrasting colors of white and deep brown color looks really impressive.
6-white sofa
Chocolate color of the walls of the living room is very well matched, as with cream sofa, and with a bright blue picture.
7-round ottoman
Chocolate color in this interior is entered through accessories such as cushions and a large ottoman.
8-transparent table
This room looks very presentable. Schick did not merely give her a white fireplace, but the chocolate walls.
9-a beautiful picture
As a general in the design of the interior was chosen delicious dark chocolate color. But as bright accents are not acting pieces of furniture and belongings, neatly placed on shelves.
10-round table

Moroccan style in the living room

The Moroccan style is a bold mix of colors and textures of materials. In modern Moroccan interior perfectly get complex patterns of local peoples, nomadic style, bordering on rude and European building materials and furniture. This combination creates a unique flavor and gives the interior a special charm in the Moorish style. Also, this style is distinguished by its color scheme, which is not afraid combines warm tones of beige and sand, white and blue, which can border on ultramarine and emerald green, and the focus may be on the red. The main thing is to create a play of color, to operate a stimulant that will give the interior impulsivity, which is typical for this country.
To design the interior of a Moroccan-style need to know and the right to use decorative elements that are unique to this style. The first thing to consider – the floor in the traditional Moroccan style mosaic. She decorated not only the floor, but used for the design of stairs, countertops, fireplaces, and even the walls. Drawing, which is made mosaic should resemble six-pointed star, or represent a variety of colors. Mosaic – is not the only material for the floor, you can put on the floor laminate tile or wood, and can be used as floor boards, rough finish. Will be relevant for the Moroccan-style cover floor living room or bedroom a beautiful carpet in the Arabic style.
2-dim lights
3-white living room
4-beautiful arch
5-dark walls
6-beautiful shade
7-beautiful chairs
8-small living room
9-interesting shops
10-white living room

10 beautiful modern living rooms

Living is made in a modern style is all very quickly and beautifully. One of the German companies inspire their digital technology. Furniture Suitable for all cut-outs for devices, special compartments, drawers. This furniture is designed with a bull’s mind

2-bright living room
The spacious living room, which is furnished for the equipment, which is a TV, speakers, a small built-in fireplace, in front of a beautiful and comfortable terry quality carpet, comfortable leather chair.
3-bright living room
This furniture in the living room has a sleek and interesting shape, glass and transparent coffee table on which to place the objects.
4-bright living room
Light furniture with beige color, looks very beautiful and harmonious, interesting lamps and vases surround the room.
5-Light beige living room
The furniture in the living room a light color of wood, which was not painted, and slightly processed.
6-dark floor
Spacious living room with dark gray floor, the floor is a bright skin, light gray furniture makes the room interesting. Convenient shelves for things that are easy to locate.
Comfortable sofas, bright color, soft and comfortable ottoman bedside too light in color, which can be delivered or the items or put his legs outstretched.
8-purple wall
The great room is combined with the living room and dining area, harmonious colors and beautiful, green cushions, pillows and purple, soft fluffy carpet colors make the room cozy.
9-light colored carpets
Furniture milky, dark leather sofas, classic gray carpet and the room beautiful black floor lamp, hanging on the wall a beautiful picture.
10-brown wall
Beautiful glass shelves, located in the closet, and a nice rug light mustard color, refreshing a room and makes it soft.

10 bright living room in orange

ng Room
Using the orange color, you can achieve a good result, as a rule, and most often orange, used as accents to create a cozy and beautiful interior. You can create a bright and beautiful living room. Also, the orange color is used to adjust the room. It is best to use this color in the north, as the light is there the least, and orange makes a room warm and cozy.

2-beautiful tree on the wall
A good mix of orange color will make the room bright and individually. The original interior will make the room interesting.
3-glass table
In this living room is used and a beautiful oriental style, orange shades are successfully combined with each other, the interior looks harmonious.
4-blue chairs
A beautiful combination of dining rooms with a living room, this color is very bright, it will lift spirits, and improve appetite.
5-blue ottomans
The dark gray room is well suited for relaxing, cool colors diluted orange pillows, and soft colors create comfort.
6-orange floor
Very bright and bold living room with very bright shades of different colors of orange, transforms the room and makes the room a colorful and rich.
7-a comfortable chair
A spacious room with bright and unusual interior solution will please everyone who visited, the presence of contrasting scales emphasize the individuality of the owner.
8-beautiful curtains
The interior of the living room and a beautiful combination of dark and warm shades, brown will make the room bright and contrasting.
9-A bright room
The spacious living room is decorated in bright colors, which visually increases room, bright orange curtains make the room bright and juicy, the room turns the volume, and interesting.
10-funny sofa

10 Guest rooms in Scandinavian style

Living room in a Scandinavian style – a combination of functionality and elegance. This interior uses natural and instinctive style and simplicity. In this interior is not used frilly shades and furniture, each item clearly laid out in such an apartment is always comfortable.

3-blue wall
In this living room is very beautiful and bright turquoise wall with beautiful designs. The furniture in the room a light color, transparent color coffee table made of ice. The pillows in the room of bright colors: pink and turquoise.
4-animal Skin
The same color is fixed and a sofa, which is very large and is a canard. The floor in the living room bright colors, laminate flooring looks great. The same color is fixed and a sofa, which is very large and is a corner.
5-beautiful windows
The room is situated on the perimeter of one 4 large windows, which are at an angle, a large corner sofa and gray. The second section of the wall is a white shelf where the books, and accessories.
6-large window
This room has a large window that holds the shape of a semicircle through this room looks bigger and bigger.
7-large window minimalism
The room was done in a minimalist flair, the sofa is made in a Chinese-style coffee tables are built in the form of trays, and one is a little lower, the other a little higher.
8-beautiful pictures
The spacious living room is constructed in a modern Scandinavian style; the rug on the floor is made of gray and has a square shape, hang on the walls of various films.
9-gray sofa
The wall of the room is lined with natural brick, the other part of the wall is painted in white. The whole atmosphere dilutes the bright burgundy carpet that blends well with the gray sofa.
10-yellow tulips
The living room furniture is used, which is low to the floor, a coffee table made of planks, beams that are widely apart.